Property Inspection Report Testimonials

We regularly receive bundles of praise and very nice compliments. One of our clients suggested that we put these onto our website so that you could be assured too, that by asking us to carry out an immigration inspection and provide your immigration accommodation report you'll receive a prompt, efficient, professional service. The report can be dispatched to you within 48hours and will hugely help the visa applicant be successful in entering the UK.

As you can see we took their advice and have listed just some of the many hundreds of 'thank you's, compliments and praise' below.

“I went through the report and it seems superb to me. Thank you for your effort and looking forward to receive your report.”
- Omar, Aylesbury

“Hi Healthy Abode, Thanks for sorting this so quickly. Yes, the report looks great and happy for you to print, sign and post off to me. Many Thanks for this.”
 - Gary, London

“Had a read through the amended version, everything seems to be fine. Many thanks for your service. Was great!”
- Shazia, East London

“Thanks Stuart - that's all great! Please do go ahead with the rest of the procedure. Many thanks”
 - Amy, West London

“Everything is alright :-))) thank you very much... Very appreciated for your help”
- Anita, Chelsea

“Hi Josie, The report is correct and without errors. Please send this out at your convenience. Thank you Josie.”
- Mrs Begum, Aylesbury

On behalf of myself & my fiancé we would also like to thank Mr Nixon and the Healthy Abode team for helping us with our Immigration Accommodation Report.”
- Mark & Yolanda,London

“Stuart it's perfect please send.”
- Ayesha, Bedford

“Hi Stuart, Looks great! Thanks so much!”
- Sarah, Docklands

Thanks a million for your help. God bless...Kind regards,
- Dr. Bashir, London Docklands, London

Thanks again for your work. You have provided an excellent service! Kind regards
- Mr. Cheung, Cornwall.

Just wanted to say thanks for sending the Immigration Accommodation report so promptly. I also received the signed copy in the post yesterday afternoon.
- Mr.Nooh Wembley, London.

Thank you for the report it is great. In fact I wanted to pass on the comment from our Immigration Consultant: 

"The accommodation report that you sent me is one of the best I have seen in my entire 10 + year immigration career."

Great job! Our consultants are an American based company, but obviously do have clients in the UK, so I will send him your card for his future reference.
 - Miss Cross, Ipswich, Suffolk

Hi! The report is absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much!
- Zehra, Streatham, South London

I really appreciate you coming out to me, at such short notice, the immigration accommodation report was the only thing the Entry Clearance Officer was requesting. I didn't have one, I couldn't find a surveyor anywhere! Seeing your Cornish surveyor arrive, within a few hours of me calling you was a huge relief. Thank you so so much
- Mr.Margetts, Looe, Cornwall.

Thanks for your email. I have noticed that the informations you provided with the description of the flat is very good,
especially for the bedroom..thanks you very much. I am completely satisfied with the report. Thank you.
- Mr.Baroudi, Isle of Dogs, City of London

Thanks for your help, regarding performing a property inspection on my flat in Tottenham, North London.
- Kaifai, Tottenham, North London

Thank you for your incredibly efficient service and response time, its hugely faster than the Council and we think that it is only the lack
of an Immigration accommodation report which is stopping Mr ILarslans wife from entering the UK
- Visa Agent Karpuz, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Thank you so much for your help, incredibly fast and efficient service for the immigration inspection. Thank you
- Mr Shabir, Hemel Hempstead, London

Can you believe it!? The inspection report arrived in Canada today! Thank you ever so much for all your help - you have been indispensable in our quest to move back to the UK. You not only performed the inspection under tight deadlines, but you also travelled farther than normal. Please rest assured that should you need any positive testimonials regarding our experience with your company, we will be more than happy to give them. In the meantime,
if anyone asks us about a home inspection service in the UK, we will be more than happy to recommend your services. Thanks Again!"
- Mr Ottawa, Canada immigrating to Millbrook, Cornwall

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