Damp & Timber Testimonials

We regularly receive bundles of praise and very nice compliments. One of our clients suggested that we put these onto our website so that you could be assured too:


"Hi Stuart. 

Just thought that I would let you know that your report proved to be just what we needed as the lender has now increased the valuation back up to the full loan amount and they are in the process of issuing the mortgage offer." 

- Christine Alderman, Witham, Essex 

 "Thanks again for your help with this and very effecient service.

Kind regards"

– Su - London


“That's perfect Josie. Many thanks”
- Jon - London

“Thank you very much for sending this through! Many thanks,”
- Annick, Walthamstow, London

“Healthy Abode produced a Damp and Timber report as requested by my lender. Their surveyor, Stuart, conducted a thorough inspection of the property inside and out, and identified the problem areas meticulously as well as the remedial actions required. Although the process was very technical and scientific, he explained his findings in a clear and accessible way. The resulting report more than met my expectations. It was very detailed and informative, and included a breakdown of repair costs. I was very impressed with Healthy Abode's professionalism throughout and would not hesitate to recommend them.”
- Jon, Bushey, Herts

“Many thanks for your time today and for explaining your findings in such an understandable way.”
- Marcus, Romford

“Thank you for being able to come today. You were much cheaper than the other quotes I’ve received for a HHSRS and independent damp survey.”
- Raymond, Tottenham

"Hello Stuart. I have been meaning to get back to you but always difficult to find the time. Anyway here is a little feedback. After I sent the e-mail with the picture to the contractor, they came back to fix the wall, no question asked.Also I stopped using the de-humidifier and bought a hydrometer reader like you advised. I kept and still keep monitoring the humidity but the reading in all rooms is below 53%, the only room with a high reading is the ground floor shower room with 65%. I think there never was a reading of 75% like the contractor claimed I had. It was all a scare tactic so that I would buy from him. There again I would have not got anywhere without your survey and pictures. Thanks very much. Hope you are keeping well and getting lots of work. Best regards."

Silvia, Cambridge



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