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Our Independent Damp, Timber and Mould Surveyor, Stuart covers Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and further afield. Contact our Office to find out how our indepedent damp, timber and mould surveyor, Stuart can assist with surveying your property for damp, timber and mould defects. 

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Our surveys identify all Damp, Mould and Timber defects including:


Rising Damp

Cause of Mould

Timber Rot

Penetrating Damp

Damp Proofing

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Our damp surveyor, Stuart's independent status means that we have no affiliation with any contractors, manufacturers or suppliers; this means our inspections are truly independent (and unlike contractors, we have no vested interest in finding work!). As such, a property survey by us could save you money on unnecessary work.


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We are members of the Property Care Association (PCA) and approved by mortgage lenders to undertake pre-purchase surveys. Also as an Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP) with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), Stuart can if necessary, risk score any hazards under the Housing Act 2004. This can help clarify whether the property is habitable and the severity of risk and likelihood of harm to the occupant’s health.


Please contact us on 01245 206 250 

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We're always happy to discuss the defect over the telephone, give initial advice and provide you with a competitive quote to undertake an independent damp, timber and/or mould survey.


Our surveying takes us throughout London and East Anglia. As such we're familiar with a huge variety and age of housing stock.

    • Full thorough inspection by a qualified, professional, friendly, local Surveyor in Essex, Hertfordshire, London and surrounding areas, with 10 years+ experience in damp diagnosis and specifying necessary remedial works.
    • Comprehensive written report provides detailed findings, colour photographs and Schedule of Remedial Works necessary.
    • Personal service: we are happy to chat through our findings on-site, over the phone or in the office.


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As damp experts, Healthy Abode offer everything you need.


As fully independent Certified Surveyor’s in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) we undertake comprehensive damp, timber and mould surveys and provide specialist property reports detailing exactly any damp, timber and mould defects found in the property, together with colour photographs, health impacts and the recommended remedial works required. We've carried out thousands of damp, timber and mould surveys in a vast array of properties for prospective purchasers, mortgage companies, housing associations, local authorities, universities, solicitors, landlords, tenants, agents, home-owners, architects and builders.

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Need an Independent Pre-purchase Survey or a Specialist Damp Survey of your Property? 


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We've loads of satisfied clients, as the testimonials below show: 

"Thank you for the report, it's really helped me to understand the problems with the house and the list of remedial works are exactly what I wanted. Thank you also for taking the time to explain your findings on your visit, I feel a lot less stressed about the situation now. Very best wishes,"

Tracey, Hatfield Peveral



“Many thanks for your time today and for explaining your findings in such an understandable way.”

Marcus, Romford


Covering your area


Contact us to discuss your survey requirements on 01245 206 250


For more information, please either call, email or look at the other damp timber and mould pages, accessible via our drop down under Services, on our website. 

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