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Essex - Hertfordshire - Cambridgeshire - Suffolk

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We provide noise surveys and acoustic reports for such areas as:


    • Industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas (BS 4142) 

    • Sound insulation and noise reduction for proposed residential development (BS 8233)

    • Noise from new mechanical plant.

    • Background environmental noise. 

    • Potential impact of a new commercial enterprise on surroundings. 

    • Likelihood of complaint from local residents.

    • Likelihood of loss of amenity.

    • Suitability of new machinery or plant, conversion of a building or site and/or development of residential or commercial buildings.


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Need an Independent Acoustic Survey to meet BS 4142 or BS 8233?

  • Full thorough assessment by a qualified, professional, friendly, local consultant in Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas.

  • Comprehensive written report provides detailed findings from using the latest in sound monitoring equipment.

  • Personal service: we are happy to chat through our findings on-site, over the phone or in the office.

2e1ax origami entry Contact UsPlease contact us on 01245 206 250

We're always happy to discuss your requirements over the telephone, give initial advice and provide you with a competitive quote to undertake an independent acoustic survey. 


Damp Survey

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Our Independent Damp, Timber and Mould Surveyor, Stuart covers Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and further afield. Contact our Office to find out how our indepedent damp, timber and mould surveyor, Stuart can assist with surveying your property for damp, timber and mould defects. 

Call Today on (Chelmsford) 01245 206 250

or London (0203 371 9801)


Our surveys identify all Damp, Mould and Timber defects including:


Rising Damp

Cause of Mould

Timber Rot

Penetrating Damp

Damp Proofing

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Our damp surveyor, Stuart's independent status means that we have no affiliation with any contractors, manufacturers or suppliers; this means our inspections are truly independent (and unlike contractors, we have no vested interest in finding work!). As such, a property survey by us could save you money on unnecessary work.


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We are members of the Property Care Association (PCA) and approved by mortgage lenders to undertake pre-purchase surveys. Also as an Environmental Health Practitioner (EHP) with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), Stuart can if necessary, risk score any hazards under the Housing Act 2004. This can help clarify whether the property is habitable and the severity of risk and likelihood of harm to the occupant’s health.


Please contact us on 01245 206 250 

or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We're always happy to discuss the defect over the telephone, give initial advice and provide you with a competitive quote to undertake an independent damp, timber and/or mould survey.


Our surveying takes us throughout London and East Anglia. As such we're familiar with a huge variety and age of housing stock.

    • Full thorough inspection by a qualified, professional, friendly, local Surveyor in Essex, Hertfordshire, London and surrounding areas, with 10 years+ experience in damp diagnosis and specifying necessary remedial works.
    • Comprehensive written report provides detailed findings, colour photographs and Schedule of Remedial Works necessary.
    • Personal service: we are happy to chat through our findings on-site, over the phone or in the office.


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As damp experts, Healthy Abode offer everything you need.


As fully independent Certified Surveyor’s in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) we undertake comprehensive damp, timber and mould surveys and provide specialist property reports detailing exactly any damp, timber and mould defects found in the property, together with colour photographs, health impacts and the recommended remedial works required. We've carried out thousands of damp, timber and mould surveys in a vast array of properties for prospective purchasers, mortgage companies, housing associations, local authorities, universities, solicitors, landlords, tenants, agents, home-owners, architects and builders.

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Need an Independent Pre-purchase Survey or a Specialist Damp Survey of your Property? 


Then Contact Us

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We've loads of satisfied clients, as the testimonials below show: 

"Thank you for the report, it's really helped me to understand the problems with the house and the list of remedial works are exactly what I wanted. Thank you also for taking the time to explain your findings on your visit, I feel a lot less stressed about the situation now. Very best wishes,"

Tracey, Hatfield Peveral



“Many thanks for your time today and for explaining your findings in such an understandable way.”

Marcus, Romford


Covering your area


Contact us to discuss your survey requirements on 01245 206 250


For more information, please either call, email or look at the other damp timber and mould pages, accessible via our drop down under Services, on our website. 

Healthy Abode 

Office T5, Allen House Business Centre, The Maltings, Station Road, Sawbridgeworth CM21 9JX


Silly damp, timber and mould Questions:

Silly damp, timber and mould Questions:

They say there’s no such question as a silly question. Well I’d disagree! Given that you’ve been sensible enough to search out an independent damp surveyor, I’m pretty confident you’re not going to ask me any of these, but here we go anyway!

Can you do a ‘free’ survey’?

No, we can’t and nor can anyone else! The firms that offer ‘free surveys’ are contractors. They undertake works. They’re not giving up their time to come to the property out of the goodness of their heart; they’re not a charity!  They’re coming for ‘free’ to sell you a product or a treatment, regardless of whether you actually need it or not. A ‘free’ survey, is essentially a quotation, but unlike a quote you’d get on having the fence painted, or say an extension built, the average person doesn’t actually know the type of dampness they have, the severity of the dampness or the most appropriate treatment. So they’re rather at the mercy of the ‘free surveyor’. But hey-ho that’s not you, or you wouldn’t be reading this, more fool them!

Can you guarantee that your survey will highlight every single damp, timber and mould defect?

No, we can’t. Anyone who say’s they can is telling fibs! That or they’ve got X-ray glasses! Properties have sub-floors, cavity walls, welsh dressers blocking corners, double-beds hiding walls, fishtanks, kids toys the list goes on!...hidden nooks and crannies, sub-surface drainage, inaccessible lofts etc etc. Believe me, I’d not believe a word of any surveyor who says he can see it all! But don’t despair. What I can assure you is that I’ll do all I can in the time allotted to sensibly and thoroughly survey the property for damp, timber and mould. It’s not unusual for me to highlight an A4 page of defects.

Can you be confident that the property will never suffer any damp, timber or mould defects?

No, I can’t. This is seriously a question we’re asked regularly! I think it’s a daft question, but then I guess it’s a question relating to my industry. Looking at it from my clients perspective, I see it differently, in that I’ve bought a few cars over the years, and I’m probably guility of asking a near similar question to the car salesman. ‘Can he be confident that a car I’m looking to buy won’t break down?’ Of course, they can’t can they!?. They can say statistically it’s a nearly new car and so it’s unlikely too, but in the course of that cars history, lets be honest the likelihood is it’ll have a niggle or two and need some money on maintenance and servicing and the same is true with property. Though remember I’m not a damp ‘salesman’ surveyor acting for a contractor. I’m an independent damp surveyor, working exclusively for you. Therefore, if I think the property is a likely moneypit regarding damp, timber and mould I’ll not only tell you, but I’ll show you why I think it is by listing out the defects in a comprehensive recommended remedial treatments / schedules of work.

Can you price out the work?

OK, so this isn’t really a daft question. But I’ve included it here, to highlight a couple of points. Firstly, we’re not contractors; therefore we’re not going to do the works, so we can’t put a price on doing those works. So the short answer is ‘No’. However, I know what a prospective client actually means when they ask me this. So the answer is actually, a ‘Yes’, in as much as we can put a ballpark estimate on what the remedial works are likely to cost you.  

How comes a ballpark estimate you ask? Well, tradespersons prices vary significantly. As far as I can see the reason being some firms work on quoting on ten jobs high and therefore they need only win one for a hefty profit. Others price all ten jobs reasonably (as I’d like to think they’ve got a conscience) but probably because they like the reassurance of getting their order books filled up a long way in advance, ensuring constant workflow. Others price low, so as to undercut others to get their foot in the door, or perhaps they’re local to you, or they like the property or even you! Therefore we can use our experience to put a figure on it. It’s also worth pointing out that particularly since the recession I’ve seen tradespersons prices vary significantly, it’s never been more important to get three quotes. It’s also pretty crucial to get three quotes on the same work and that’s where our recommended remedial work list again comes into play, as you can give them the list and say, right quote off the lines of that. This ensures the three quotes come back like for like.

Can you be 100% certain you can accurately diagnose the defect?

Again, I think it’s a silly Q, because my life is surveying. So with this question, I answer it, by asking the client who’s posed the question their profession?

For instance, can my doctor be 100% certain of correctly diagnosing my ailments? Can mechanics or plumbers be 100% certain when replacing a faulty component in my car or boiler, that its that piece which is at fault or do they have to do a bit of trial and error. Can a teacher be 100% certain my kids will get a C-grade in their exams? Of course they can’t be 100% correct, but they’re professionally trained, seen thousands of other patients, cars, boilers and pupils so I’ve got confidence in them. I’d like to think you’ve read this far, that you will have in me. Though that doesn’t mean I don’t expect you to ask questions! I do, I love property and can chat for hours (another reason why I’ll never be successful in making a decent profit!). You’ll ask and ten minutes later probably wish you hadn’t, but do ask. I don’t mind being told to shut up! After all, questions are how we all learn. So if you’ve got one and ideally it’s not one of the silly ones listed above then please fire away! Josie, Kate and I are here to help, we look forward to hearing from you.


About our Damp Surveying Company

About the Company, Healthy Abode:

As a member of the PCA, we are qualified to carry out pre-purchase surveys for prospective buyers, evidence for clients to present to their building freeholders, Management Company or their buildings insurers; for landlords and tenants, and for solicitors and barristers.


My team (Josie, Kate) and myself (Stuart) work out of a Grade II listed building, overlooking the River Stort in Hertfordshire. Our location is perfect for covering Hertfordshire, Essex, London, Kent, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk; need us to come further afield, give us a call for a quote.  


As a limited company, we have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance. We’re currently VAT exempt, good news if you’re an individual. This means the price we quote is the price you pay. We’ve been trading since 2008 as a limited company Environmental Health Consultancy (GB) Ltd t/a Healthy Abode.




About the Office:

Kate’s my admin, she’s really friendly, great at booking jobs in, taking payments, ensuring your reports are sent out and taking messages for me whilst I’m out surveying.


Josie’s my Junior Consultant, like me she previously worked in Environmental Health and therefore is often out of the office, undertaking the other environmental survey work which we do. However, if she is in, her technical knowledge on damp, timber and mould defects is pretty good; so if I’m out surveying and you need a quick answer, she’s a really good person to ask. If she can’t answer it, then she can also take a message for me to call you. Seriously, gone are the days when the girls just made the tea! 


On a serious note, the office is open Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 17:00 hours; you can try it after these hours and at weekends as it goes through to my mobile. But if it’s a choice of watching another episode of Bob the Builder (with my kids of course!) or answering, I can’t honestly say which I’ll do, so if you don’t get any joy, leave us a message or send me an email and I’ll call you back.  

About the Damp Survey

About the Damp Survey:

How long do you allow for? Typically I allow for up to 2 hours on-site surveying. In my experience this allows me just about sufficient time to carry out a full survey of the average sized property; or look at a specific area of concern in great detail. So if another company is telling you different, question it!

In those two hours, I typically look at such areas as ground levels, external facades, roofs, chimneystacks, rainwater goods, windows and doors. Inside I look at walls and partitions, ceilings and floors, where possible and time allows or the client requests, I also look at lofts and cellars. Whilst at the property, I undertake a range of non-invasive assessments, taking surface and sub-surface electronic moisture readings, floor temperatures, thermal imaging scans, and relative humidity level assessments to determine the true cause of any defects and the severity.

Why the whole house, when the damp or mould has just been seen in one or two rooms? Well, this is another reason which sets us independents apart from the average contractor surveyor. The reason is because where the source of the damp is, can be totally different to where the problem manifests itself. This is just one of the reasons that a lot of tradespersons totally misdiagnose the type or severity of damp or timber defects. Plus just because it can’t be easily seen, doesn’t mean it’s not a problem in progress. For us to undertake a thorough survey, we have to look at as many areas as possible. After all, it’s another of the reasons you’re paying us!

It’s also why you may catch me talking to the neighbours or the occupants, I’m not burning the time I’m gathering further information no historical events to the property, so as to aid diagnosis.  What won’t I do as normal par for the course? Well, I won’t move large items of furniture (think beds, sofa’s, dining tables, welsh dressers, priceless wall art, ornaments etc) typically the kind of item that’d need two persons to safely move it! However, don’t think I’m lazy, I’m not unless we’re talking ironing my shirts! Therefore, I’ll quite happily move smaller items such as small sofa’s, armchairs, single beds, bedside cabinets etc.

With the owners consent I might lift corners of carpets, underlay to look at condition of concrete slab or floorboards, I might also take a scrape a sample of plaster for chemical analysis and if it’s an invasive survey, then where possible and without causing damage to the floor finish, I can cut and lift a floorboard or two, drill into walls and floorboards, so as to insert the boroscope, dig around at the base of external walls etc.

Ok this next bit, is a little industry niggle, we all have them whatever job we’re in! My reports include colour photographs. Some of my competitors don’t, I think that’s to their embarrassment. Yes it profit going out the window inserting photo’s into reports, but I don’t care. I’m on my third property, so I know what its like. You’re in a property for a snapshot second, ushered round at great pace by the estate agent who’s keen on a sale. The owners are standing in front of that dodgy floorboard, or peeled wallpaper the whole time. You’re hyped up looking at all the positives, not the negative’s and when you’re out and you’ve made your offer all excited, you actually can’t remember all those sections of wall, alcove, floor layout etc. Therefore, when you get a damp report which details defects, but doesn’t include photographs helping you to visualize where the problem is, then I don’t think that’s much use. You need to be able to see where the defect I’m referring to is. Oh and it’s not just some of my competitors, in fact they’re generally pretty good. Just take a look at the RICS survey; chances are that hasn’t got any photos in it either!

By the way, I’m regularly asked to look at houses larger than the norm, and that’s fine just let my office know in advance and we can either quote for the additional time to allocate on-site or reach an agreement where I’ll call and let you know what point I’ve reached after two hours. This saves me the embarrassment of having to call you, to say I’ve arrived at the property where just the kitchen is of a larger floor area, than my entire property. You laugh, but it has happened! - more than once!

So what happens after the survey? Well I’m happy to chat to you about my findings. We then put a detailed damp report together. This report highlights the defects, includes colour photographs, and lists the recommended remedial works in an easy to follow schedule of works. My office will then email and post out a hardcopy to you. 

About our independent damp surveyor

About our independent damp surveyor, Stuart

At Healthy Abode, we’re not great on ‘selling’ ourselves, our specialism is damp surveying, not sales! Though we recognise, that regardless of whether you're buying a property, finding you’ve got damp, timber rot or mould in your home or one you or your company rent out is stressful enough and telephoning a specialist damp surveyor just isn’t an everyday occurrence. Therefore, when one of our clients suggested we put down a few words ‘about us’, so that you could be assured that we can give you the same great service, professional help and attention we gave them in solving their defect, it seemed a good idea.

So here goes!!!......


Meet our Surveyor:

Mr Stuart Nixon MSc BSc (Hons) MCIEH CSRT

Hi, I’m Stuart, OK so first things first! I hate putting those letters after my name, but given that I’ve run up a comparable debt getting them, as Greece has in the Eurozone; and as my office insisted they’re there on display!

Though, I do understand it, in this day and age, you want to know the damp surveyor you engage is suitably qualified, after all given the way property prices continue to escalate (it still amazes me!), the property you engage me to survey is most likely your or your companies biggest financial asset and you want complete reassurance its looked at by a competent, qualified, professional damp surveyor, such as myself.

Therefore, I guess we’ve got to spend a little time on the letters! What do they mean? Considering the subject ‘damp’, then going in the order of importance, the letters CSRT obviously should come first! These stand for Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatments (CSRT). The CSRT qualification is issued by the Property Care Association (PCA); in it’s lifetime (it was formerly the British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association) they’ve issued just under 1000 CSRT qualifications. Given that the bodies just celebrated 85years that makes us CSRT qualified surveyors, none too common. The next thing you’ll want to know is: Am I an independent?, Well, in a word, ‘Yes’. In short, I am, 100% independent and very proud of it. Did you know, there’s only about 45 of us throughout the country that actually are!, The majority of CSRT surveyors work for remedial companies! Whereas, us independents are just that 100% ‘independent’; we’re not ‘freelance’ we’re independent! This means I’m not coming to the property with a vested interest to find work that doesn’t exist, or sell a product that isn’t needed, I’m coming on behalf of you to investigate, poke around and report back. But more on this later, back to the qualifications!

Clients ask, whether the PCA issue the CSRT qualification? We answer, Yes. Clients, then often ask, The Property Care Association (PCA) are the only body that all mortgage lenders accept when it comes to damp and timber surveys, right? Again we answer, Yes.

So rest assured it’s worth reading on.

The MSc. what’s that in then? It’s a Masters in Environmental Health as accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), aside from the huge student loan, it means I’ve studied housing defects at post-graduate level. It also means I’m good at putting together a comprehensive, detailed, well laid out, easy to follow report.

What’s the MCIEH bit!? Well, I’ve then gone on to sit professional exams, interviews and produce a huge portfolio of work related evidence in order to become registered with the Environmental Health Officers Registration Board and gain Membership of the CIEH; that’s the MCIEH bit! It also means that if necessary I’m able to comment on health impacts and severity of harm from the damp, timber and mould defects found. Which is why we do work for solicitors, landlords, tenants, housing associations and councils.

So, that’s the relevant qualifications pretty much done, how about inspecting properties? Well, the short answer is I’ve surveyed thousands of all ages, styles and layout. I spent almost ten years working in Local Authority Environmental Health dept across Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent inspecting privately rented property for disrepair and these and in the private sector, over a thousand of all periods for worried house purchasers and/or vendors concerned over the often erroneous findings of ‘free surveys’, solicitors and barristers for legal action and home-owners, whose tradespersons have failed to rectify the defect. In fact our variety of clients, is why we tailor our survey and reports to suit your needs. We don’t buy into the standardised template approach!

Damp Gallery

Damp Gallery

Why choose an Independent Damp Surveyor?

Why choose an Independent Damp Surveyor?

First, Healthy Abode’s specialist surveyor, Stuart is not a contractor. This means we are not looking to get a foot past your door, by offering a ‘free’ or ‘cheap’ survey, only to try and push a product or remedial treatment upon you; which the property may or may not need!

Healthy Abode is a totally independent consultancy. We don’t do the remedial work. As an independent damp surveyor, the damp surveys and timber surveys that Stuart undertakes are for you, our client. This means that you our client, can rest assured that the advice paid for and received is unbiased and factual. Our professional advice is based on our detailed survey, using specialist equipment and years of surveying experience to determine the true causes of damp, the severity of damp and any associated timber decay, wood boring beetle infestation and/or mould defects. We’re not driven by the need to rush in and out of a property, give you a sales spiel or produce a quotation for various remedial works thinly disguised as a 'survey', and then push our remedial treatment works upon you.

At Healthy Abode, we’re the first to agree that the ‘damp and timber’ industry is a confusing place! The reason being that the majority of “specialist” damp and timber treatment companies employ salespersons calling themselves ‘surveyors’, but who are actually on a commission based salary, so really are ‘sales persons’. Their job then, is not predominantly to diagnose the defect, but to sell the remedial treatment services that the company offers and from which they can make their profit. At Healthy Abode, be assured our surveyors are true ‘independents’.

Take our surveyor, Stuart for example. Stuart worked refurbishing properties, went to university, has a Masters in Environmental Health and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. A registered Environmental Health Officer by profession, during his nine years in Local Government, Stuart inspected thousands of properties for damp and mould defects, specifying remedial treatments/schedules of work, discussing impacts to health and overseeing remedial works. He then sat his Property Care Association exams, qualified as a Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatment, came into private practice, surveyed an awful lot more property and recognizes the importance of ongoing professional development.

At Healthy Abode, Stuart understands the importance of setting aside sufficient time to undertake a thorough damp, timber or survey; we normally allow two hours. The detailed report that Stuart produces confirms findings, photographs, defects and recommends remedial treatments, together with pointing you in the direction of tradesbodies with vetted contractors who operate in your geographical area. These contractors can then follow our Schedule of Works, which lists out each of the remedial treatments we recommend. We’re also available by email, phone or over a cup of tea in the office to talk through works and your property over the coming months.  

Now in contrast, consider some of the unscrupulous ‘sales’ surveyors out there. Typically he or she is in the property just a few minutes, often not using specialist equipment, not wanting to talk through findings in detail, not having the experience to accurately diagnose and wanting to push their product or system as being the ‘only’ way to cure a problem. They’ll want to sell guarantees and most likely omit to mention all the other damp, timber and mould defects, which the property may suffer and for which they don’t sell a remedial treatment!

But there surveys are ‘free’ I hear you say! In fact our office admin, Kate hears this every week. Well think about the ‘free’ aspect for just a second. OK, so they’re a private company they have to pay their staff salaries, fuel vehicles, have advertising costs and pay tax like the rest of us, and they’re sure as heck not a charity, so how come’s they’re ‘free’? Well, in truth they aren’t. It’s because what they’re really offering is to pop in for ‘free’ do a quotation to address the works, they feel they want to do! What they’re definitely not offering to do is a ‘free’ unbiased detailed survey, honestly highlighting all the remedial defects and recommending the most appropriate treatments.

Imagine, you had a £30,000 Mercedes (we wish!) and an apprentice mechanic offers to do a ‘free’ service on it, you’d think twice wouldn’t you? Well now, consider the average house price is now £286,000, do you really want a ‘free’ survey! Now, we’re not scaremongering, at Healthy Abode, that’s one thing we definitely don’t do. But, we do highlight facts!

At Healthy Abode, we go to a lot of properties; they’d be something wrong if we didn’t! After all damp surveying is our business! Some of these properties have already had a remedial contractors ‘survey’, often for ‘free’ and unsurprisingly, this report states a particular remedial treatment is absolutely necessary. But is it, how do you have the confidence on knowing that the works specified are actually necessary and/or will solve the problem. Well, in short you don’t. It’s why we often see treatments having already been carried out, at high cost, recommended by contractors and done following misdiagnosis, which haven’t cured the problem.

Now that’s not to say that every contractor offering to come and look at the house for nothing is disreputable, they’re clearly not. In fact, we’d argue that the damp and timber industry is better governed with more skilled persons and better controls that it was even fifteen years ago, they’re bundles of very professional, skilled contractor firms out there. We’ve seen countless examples of superb work. The problem is how do you know if the work detailed in the ‘free’ survey is the most appropriate, absolutely necessary, is going to solve the problem, if the persons doing the survey also does the work!

For example, we’ve been called to properties which have had thousands of pounds spent unnecessarily undertaking disruptive chemical DPC and waterproofing treatments, to stop rising damp, when in actual fact the damp is due to condensation or penetrating damp. So when it comes to ‘free surveys’ the old saying that ‘when something is too good to be true it usually is’ couldn’t be more apt!

So where does Healthy Abode make their money, to pay the bills and enjoy a beer? Well, at Healthy Abode, we make it by charging for our time to send a professional, qualified, independent expert, like Stuart out to get grubby, doing a thorough couple of hours surveying. This can save our clients thousands of pounds in otherwise unnecessary works. Our unbiased surveys and reports, also pick up on all the damp, timber and mould defects, enabling you to avoid situations and disputes caused by misdiagnosis, bad advice and approach taken by some of the ireputable contractors that are out there and potentially saving you countless hours of disruptive work and headaches,

We hope you’d agree that by charging a fair survey fee to provide you with a detailed damp, timber and/or mould survey, obtain facts and suggest the unbiased remedial treatments considered necessary, is a little price to pay for a lot of peace of mind.

In addition to Homebuyers, RICS surveyors, developers, housing associations, councils, solicitors, tenants, homeowners, landlords and builders, use Healthy Abode’s services. We cover Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, London and do travel further afield. Contact us on 01245 206 250 for more information, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Timber Gallery

 Coming Soon

Property Inspection Report Testimonials

We regularly receive bundles of praise and very nice compliments. One of our clients suggested that we put these onto our website so that you could be assured too, that by asking us to carry out an immigration inspection and provide your immigration accommodation report you'll receive a prompt, efficient, professional service. The report can be dispatched to you within 48hours and will hugely help the visa applicant be successful in entering the UK.

As you can see we took their advice and have listed just some of the many hundreds of 'thank you's, compliments and praise' below.

“I went through the report and it seems superb to me. Thank you for your effort and looking forward to receive your report.”
- Omar, Aylesbury

“Hi Healthy Abode, Thanks for sorting this so quickly. Yes, the report looks great and happy for you to print, sign and post off to me. Many Thanks for this.”
 - Gary, London

“Had a read through the amended version, everything seems to be fine. Many thanks for your service. Was great!”
- Shazia, East London

“Thanks Stuart - that's all great! Please do go ahead with the rest of the procedure. Many thanks”
 - Amy, West London

“Everything is alright :-))) thank you very much... Very appreciated for your help”
- Anita, Chelsea

“Hi Josie, The report is correct and without errors. Please send this out at your convenience. Thank you Josie.”
- Mrs Begum, Aylesbury

On behalf of myself & my fiancé we would also like to thank Mr Nixon and the Healthy Abode team for helping us with our Immigration Accommodation Report.”
- Mark & Yolanda,London

“Stuart it's perfect please send.”
- Ayesha, Bedford

“Hi Stuart, Looks great! Thanks so much!”
- Sarah, Docklands

Thanks a million for your help. God bless...Kind regards,
- Dr. Bashir, London Docklands, London

Thanks again for your work. You have provided an excellent service! Kind regards
- Mr. Cheung, Cornwall.

Just wanted to say thanks for sending the Immigration Accommodation report so promptly. I also received the signed copy in the post yesterday afternoon.
- Mr.Nooh Wembley, London.

Thank you for the report it is great. In fact I wanted to pass on the comment from our Immigration Consultant: 

"The accommodation report that you sent me is one of the best I have seen in my entire 10 + year immigration career."

Great job! Our consultants are an American based company, but obviously do have clients in the UK, so I will send him your card for his future reference.
 - Miss Cross, Ipswich, Suffolk

Hi! The report is absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much!
- Zehra, Streatham, South London

I really appreciate you coming out to me, at such short notice, the immigration accommodation report was the only thing the Entry Clearance Officer was requesting. I didn't have one, I couldn't find a surveyor anywhere! Seeing your Cornish surveyor arrive, within a few hours of me calling you was a huge relief. Thank you so so much
- Mr.Margetts, Looe, Cornwall.

Thanks for your email. I have noticed that the informations you provided with the description of the flat is very good,
especially for the bedroom..thanks you very much. I am completely satisfied with the report. Thank you.
- Mr.Baroudi, Isle of Dogs, City of London

Thanks for your help, regarding performing a property inspection on my flat in Tottenham, North London.
- Kaifai, Tottenham, North London

Thank you for your incredibly efficient service and response time, its hugely faster than the Council and we think that it is only the lack
of an Immigration accommodation report which is stopping Mr ILarslans wife from entering the UK
- Visa Agent Karpuz, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Thank you so much for your help, incredibly fast and efficient service for the immigration inspection. Thank you
- Mr Shabir, Hemel Hempstead, London

Can you believe it!? The inspection report arrived in Canada today! Thank you ever so much for all your help - you have been indispensable in our quest to move back to the UK. You not only performed the inspection under tight deadlines, but you also travelled farther than normal. Please rest assured that should you need any positive testimonials regarding our experience with your company, we will be more than happy to give them. In the meantime,
if anyone asks us about a home inspection service in the UK, we will be more than happy to recommend your services. Thanks Again!"
- Mr Ottawa, Canada immigrating to Millbrook, Cornwall

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